MBRP 5" SLM Series Downpipe-Back Competition Exhaust System 6.7L

MBRP 5" SLM Series Downpipe-Back Competition Exhaust System 6.7L
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  • Item #: C6280SLM
  • Manufacturer: MBRP Exhaust
  • Condition: New

The Best Systems Start with the Best Materials
                        Built from 16 gauge T409 stainless steel our SLM Series performance exhaust systems offer a value price without compromising on the quality built into every component. Featuring a two-piece tail we replaced the muffler with an MBRP muffler delete pipe to provide you with the ultimate in free flow exhaust. Constructed to the same specifications as our top of the line Pro Series we back this line with a 5 Year Warranty.

Built to Perform 
With MBRP Competition pipes you will never have to worry about your exhaust system being the weak link in winning that checkered flag. Mandrel bent tubing, the lowest bend degree angles and extensive dyno tuning guarantee you maximum exhaust flow, maximum horsepower, maximum torque and minimum exhaust gas temperatures. You won’t believe the power and throttle response you’ll unleash from your truck just by bolting on MBRP Competition pipes.

                Easy Installation

            MBRP systems are as much fun to install as to drive with on your truck. Bolt-on, no weld design makes installing this on your truck a no hassle one and a half to two hour project. Everything is direct fit to the OEM hangers and you get all the clamps and parts you will need, all in one box, no matter what configuration of truck you have.



  • 5" T409 Stainless Steel
  • Downpipe-Back Exhaust System
  • No Bungs, No Muffler - "Straight-Pipe"
  • Removes Diesel Particulate Filter
  • 5 Year Warranty


F.A.Q about Bungs - Bungs are the ports in which you would reinstall your factory sensors. A system with the bungs is suggested if you are running a performance chip/tuner that has gauges so you will be able to read temps from your factory sensors. This will prevent you from having to install a pyrometer (egt sensor) into your exhaust manifold.

This is a "Race Only" product section used solely for competition. Its use is limited to closed-course racing that is formally sanctioned by a recognized racing organization.  Any other use, including recreational off-road use, could be in violation of local, state and federal laws.
What is the DPF?
        DPF is an acronym for Diesel Particulate Filter. A DPF works in conjunction with the oxidation catalyst and EGR valve to remove a majority of the NOx, particulate matter (think black, cough-inducing soot) and unburned hydrocarbons from burned diesel fuel. Soot is a natural byproduct from the combustion of diesel fuel. Inside the DPF is a porous honeycomb structure that catches the soot as it passes through. After the soot builds up over time, the onboard computer controls fuel injection to allow unburned fuel to enter the filter at measured intervals where it flares off and generates increased temperatures that incinerate the accumulated soot. The result: Soot is chopped by over 90-percent.

What do I need?


Step 1: EXHAUST - Select a Complete DPF Delete Exhaust System or DPF Delete Race Pipe

Step 2: ELECTRONICS - You must select an electronic performance unit for the exhaust to work properly with your vehicle.


Warning:  You MUST use DPF delete capable electronics when removing the DPF off of the vehicle. In addition, running DPF delete tunes without removing the DPF will result in engine codes and filter blockage.
 You will need to sign a waiver to purchase any DPF-Delete product.

Product will not ship til Waiver is faxed back to us. Fax (860) 455-9010

CLICK HERE for Waiver

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