6.4 08-10 Ford EGR delete w/ SDP Elbow,Adapter & I/C

6.4  08-10 Ford EGR delete w/ SDP Elbow,Adapter & I/C
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  • Item #: 6.4EGRSDPADPIC
  • Manufacturer: SDP llc
  • Condition: New

Deletes throttle valve and EGR valve assembly on top of engine at intake manifold.  Improves airflow by removing restrictions.  EGR Blockoff or removal required.  EGR programming also required.  Spartan and H&S tuners suggested.

This kit fits 2008-2010 Ford 6.4 engines to remove the EGR coolers and clean up the left side and front of the engine.  This will also allow the removal of the throttle housing and EGR valve to install the SDP intake elbow and adaptor. Also included is our Stainless IC pipe.  Custom programming is required for this and can be done with either the Spartan, H&S or SCT tuners.  Prevent coolant loss and future problems by getting the coolers off your truck.  This kit can be installed without removal of the cab, as it blocks the EGR feed pipe at the inlet of the first cooler.  This can be accessed thru the left fender well or from the bottom of the truck.


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